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Mythic Guarm Down! Rip Puppy
Jan 06, 2017 - 11:01 PM - by Zernoxnun
Well, the nerfbat hit some TOV bosses harder than others I guess. After a days worth of work the boss was dead. Well done raid team! I have to say, this fight was pretty much entirely on the healers. They had to heal a whole bunch of damage and dispel properly. If the dispels got messed up, we wiped. We all did a good job being vocal and calling for dispels too. Overall, this pre-tier has been good to us. We ended up 9/10 mythic bosses cleared and placed 1134 World, 384 U.S., and 1093 Overall on our Guarm kill on 1/5/17. Looking back to Highmaul we were only 3/7 Mythic at this point, so job well done to all. Let's carry this momentum with us in Nighthold and kick some ass!

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Mythic Odyn Persuaded! "Puny God"
Jan 03, 2017 - 5:09 PM - by Zernoxnun
I think Ari said it best, "Puny God". He was quite the difficult encounter though. Pre-Nerf he was an absolute nightmare. I remember the Shatter+Horn combo would always drop me to within an inch of my life, or outright kill me. Post-nerf he became a little less scarier. We were able to skip waves of rune-bearers thanks to the nerf and our high damage, which drastically shortened the fight. Dodging balls from spears remained difficult for most people, but was entertaining to watch. Our healers seemed to be challeneged much more than usual. Having to heal through the amount of damage Odyn put out while doing all the mechanics tested all their skills. Once we got to phase three cleanly, it died. Having the entire raid alive and two battle rez's available after the first rotation was key. Encounters with this much personal responsibility have always been our Achilles Heel, but we did well nonetheless. Congratulations everyone! Let's kill Guarm before Nighthold!

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Mythic Xavius Was the Letdown We Didn't Need, But Deserved
Dec 06, 2016 - 1:16 AM - by Zernoxnun
Well, not a lot to say here. Nightmare Blades was underwhelming. The DPS check was a joke at our ilevel. The bodies of people dreaming proved to be a little annoying, but manageable. Also when three adds spawn on melee who aren't paying attention that was the suck. Oh, and Pillars. After we learned how to do them it was ezpz. Shout out to group four for successfully soaking all 4 Pillars on the first try. So, well done! I guess I can fill some of this space with mumble talk. Archive it for generations to come. Let's see...

Xavius obviously skips leg day. -Barinten
Let's not go down this rat hole. -Valk
It's a rat tail. -Zizz
It's a rabbit hole. -Zerno

Codenames! We had something about codenames.
Sara is "DeadAngel"
Zerno, "Self-Proclaimed Power Elite"
Valk "Rune of Power"

*Helya note
Thurne got called a "thurncoat" -Nov, for resetting the boss

The original picture is a little, Sindragosaey, good thing my computer had a craptastic backup. Click the picture to be entertained.

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Heroic Nighthold 8/10


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