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I let you strike first and this is the best you can do!? Mythic Aluriel Down!
Mar 21, 2017 - 12:03 PM - by Zernoxnun
Man, playing with sounds on I got real sick of her taunting every time we pulled her. Well, she dead now so look who gets the last laugh! Anyway, job well done team. Both Krosus and Aluriel are huge steps up in difficulty from the first three bosses. The re kills on these bosses are not easy, but let's just keep doing our best. Our Spellblade Aluriel kill earned us a World 1213, US 308, and Realm 24 place. While there is some variance in this, because many guilds have killed Botanist or Tichondrius instread of Aluriel, I can safely say Aluriel is tougher than both Botanist and Tichondrius. The frost mark and fire adds nonsense is much much much more difficult than any mechanics I have seen on the next two bosses.

If I rant Divisive is going to have me drawn and quartered, so job well done everybody! I look forward to progressing through the rest of Nighthold with you all!

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Mythic Krosus Down, Tirion has been Avenged!
Mar 03, 2017 - 12:08 PM - by Zernoxnun
A moment of silence for our dear friend Tirion Fordring. Ok! While it might be disheartening to some of us that it took ~130 wipes, it is important to remember that Krosus was an enormous step up in difficulty from the prior three bosses. Sure, the mechanics from heroic did not change considerably, but the mechanic changed in a way that BRH has historically struggled with. Mechanics that cannot be strictly choreographed, such as soaking burning pitch, has and will likely remain our Achilles Heel. Despite that fact I need everyone to take solace in the fact that our Krosus kill pushed us up to World 1310, US 403, and Realm 36. To put that in better perspective, our Trilliax kill was World 2272, US 689 and realm 55. That is some significant improvement.

BRH makes no claim to be a top 200 US guild. We do not do split runs to funnel gear, nor do we require 54 traits for our raiders. Given those two pieces of information, and the fact that our stated goal is "to clear all content while relevant" I think it is a testament to our ability that we can kill bosses so efficiently. That is not to say we do not expect the best. I went into Thursday night expecting Krosus to die. On Monday we saw the fight in its entirety, which meant that all we had to do was execute a perfect pull. Since I joined BRH way back in December of 2014 I have not known a stronger raiding team that we have now. With that being said, there is always room for improvement. As you might know, I am obsessed with DPS. Not necessarily being the highest, but achieving the highest rank possible in my class. I encourage everyone to continually be looking at logs, simming, and improving. For instance, what could you improve upon from this weeks Krosus compared to next weeks? Did you health pot to stay alive when needed? Did you use personals when they were required? Do you remember how you, as well as those around you soaked pitch? Have you thought about how you can maximize your damage?

It is vital that we continue to grow as individuals so that our team can grow as a group. With all of that being said, fantastic job to everyone who put in time on Krosus. I feel bad that I missed "that Monday" because that means someone wiped there for three hours while I was not. Class is done though, so I will be back full-time to enjoy all of your smiling faces! Keep your heads up and let's keep pushing forward. The bosses will become increasingly challenging, so we should remain focused while pushing forward.

Resto Shaman PoV
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Mythic Trilliax Down!
Feb 14, 2017 - 6:22 PM - by Zernoxnun
Relatively easy boss I thought. Of course, we had to wipe the remainder of Thursday night so that Ghost and I would miss the kill Monday! Rude! Anyway, the fight was straightforward. Eat cake, don't get hit by the laser, ranged jump on scrubbers, game over. A let down after anomaly, but some free loot we will definitely need going into Krosus and company. Remember to constantly be pushing yourself to new heights! Unless you are 100% bracket, there is always stuff we can do to get better. Our tanks our solid, healers are nit half bad, but improving our DPS is always something that will make the fights smoother.

Warlock POV
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