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Mythic Mythrax down!
Dec 14, 2018 - 4:21 PM - by Thurne
Mythic Mythrax was downed last night.

Not much to say on this one. It took us longer than we wanted, but such is life. We now move on to G'huun with a little over a month before the next raid is released. Getting him and his ghuunies down in that time will be challenging, but we have a pretty good shot.

Props to our grip&bounce team for their job breaking MCs on the Mythrax fight, and thanks to Ismyea for calling the rotation.

One boss left!

SkiCam (Frost mage PoV):

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Zul, Retired!
Nov 29, 2018 - 11:34 PM - by Thurne
Zul, Reborn has fallen to the Retired Bears.

It was a straight up "kill it fast" affair which racked up our second highest pull count in Uldir thus far. Our comp was not especially good for this fight, but we managed to persevere. WTB more subtlety rogue alts!

With this kill we move into the home stretch of the tier, with only Mythrax and G'huun left to fall.

Props to the whole team on this one, as it really took a group effort to secure the kill.

SkiCam (Arcane mage):

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Fetid Devourer vanquished!
Nov 08, 2018 - 10:48 AM - by Thurne
Fetid Devourer was killed last night in fairly smooth fashion. After several promising pulls with minor mistakes we put everything together and brought him down.

It was an interesting fight as dps; either you hated life because your add was far away and you had a debuff at the wrong time, or your add was right next door and debuffs were everyone else's problem so things were fine.

Also, Fetid likes paladin flavored chew-toys.

FIRE mage PoV:

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