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Retired Bears join Battle for Azeroth!
Oct 09, 2018 - 11:40 PM - by Thurne
We're back, baby!

Battle for Azeroth is upon us and has brought with it exciting(?) things like azerite gear, horribly expensive consumables, personal loot for all, a new raid tier, and the inevitable roster changes. A handful of long standing and well loved raiders have left Bear Retirement Home and are now pursuing endeavors elsewhere. We wish them all the best!

After a very busy recruitment period, our revamped raid team has hit the ground running and we are now making headway into mythic Uldir. Zek'Voz went down on Monday in true BRH fashion as we secured the kill with 15 minutes left in the raid. This puts us at around 720th US, which is a respectable position to be at early in an expansion.

Good job everyone!

Now, here are some truly awful screenshots I took of the Taloc and Zek'Voz kills. There was talk of taking a MOTHER screenshot, but for some reason it didn't feel like much of an accomplishment.

Shoutout to Arlaria for adding the guild logo and banner text for me!



Zek'Voz SkiCam:

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Mythic Argus is DEAD!
Jun 28, 2018 - 4:47 PM - by Zernoxnun
Congratulations everyone on the kill. The artifact nonsense might have made it slightly easier, but we were on pace to get the kill without the buff. We hit the 7.8% mark before, and that was with only about 10 people alive after chains 4. Our kill was the first time we made it past chains 4 with the raid still mostly intact. Job well done everyone.

This boss was truly deserving as an end of expansion boss. In HFC, we used an addon to trivialize Archimonde's mechanic in the last phase. That was not the case for Argus, and so we struggled. After some nerfs here and buffs there, the fight became much more manageable because we were used to it.

Enjoy some time off before BFA! Short weeks, achievements, and all the good stuff!

P.S.My audio didn't go through, so I am gunna record the rekill and post it here. Listening to 10 minutes of silence as well kill Argus is mortifying, and I would rather not add music.

Mage POV (First Kill)

Blood DK POV [THIRD TANK] (Second Kill)

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Mythic Aggramar is Dead!
Apr 27, 2018 - 8:11 PM - by Zernoxnun
Well we did it. He is dead. We went through quite a few DKs, a boomkin, a warlock or two as well. Props to Barinten for stepping in and playing his alt DK as the 4th tank, and second blood DK. The nerfs also his Aggramar pretty hard. We had been progressing on Phase 3, but with the nerfs Phase 3 was trivialized. After a few good pulls and some minor adjustments we easily secured the kill. Congrats to everyone involved in securing the kill. Not only those who got the kill, but those who helped occasionally fill in when we had roster issues.

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