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Zernoxnun 06-05-2017 10:00 PM

10/10 Mythic Gul'dan is DEAD!
Well, we did it boys and girls. Alternate timeline Gul'dan is finally, actually, dead. Our final wipe count was 139 wipes. That is a very respectable number and I am proud of everyone in this guild. I would like to congratulate all of us on a job well done.

We ended up finishing 1124 in the World, 341 in the US and 32nd on the realm. With our mythic Helya kill, we now reside in 28th place on the realm. Those numbers are amazing and something to truly be proud of.

Just to put our progression in perspective for some of the new members I would like to take a look at how we did in Warlords. At the end of Warlords we were 7/7 in Mythic Highmaul (We killed Imperator Mar'gok the night before the patch), and 8/10 in Mythic Blackrock Foundry. We did not even pull Blast Furnace after securing our one and only Maidens kill. Here we are in The Broken Isles and we go 7/7 in Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 10/10 in Mythic Nighthold. I, as well as the other officers are very pleased with how far we have come as a guild. Our player caliber has steadily increased. We continue to raid 3 nights a week, and for the most part I think we maintain a very friendly raiding atmosphere.

Gul'dan was one of those heavily choreographed fights. We learned it step by step, but once we new all the timings it was just a matter of executing the fight properly.

Great job tanks as usual positioning bosses, kiting adds, and taunt swapping. Although we did watch Ari go flying off once and it was hilarious.

DPS did fantastic as well. After we learned the movement we easily beat all the DPS checks. Special shutout to our rogues Envoytohell and Daltin for soaking souls and our mage Mageski for doing Bulwark.

Healers. Y'all got some serious mana issues! When I have nightmares at night I heal the healers telling me they are oom and I need to take less damage. All kidding aside, you all did a wonderful job keeping us all alive.

Congratulations everyone!
I look forward to raiding with everyone in the Tomb of Sargeras!

Barinten 06-05-2017 11:04 PM

Think I'd like to also thank the officers and Ari for putting a lot of time into strats/looking over logs and figuring out the best way to kill bosses for our guild (which isn't always the normal strategy, lol). Also props to Gem for taking over healing officer duties halfway through the tier and not missing a beat. Great job everyone, I'm really glad we finished this tier up! :cheers:

Arlaria 06-06-2017 11:49 AM

Awesome job guys!

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