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cixah 02-12-2019 12:48 AM

BRH Kills Jadefire and some other nerds

2nd week of mythic and we killed 2 mythic bosses! If you can even count champions that is. Jadefire hit our tanks surprisingly hard towards the end but ultimately our first clean post wall phase was a kill. Champions, doesn't even have a screenshot because it was easier than some of the later trash in the instance so we'll gloss over that one.

We did also achieve AOTC early on in this tier, knocking over Jaina. However because we were quick and ready to move over to Mythic for the week, we kinda neglected to get a screenshot. We had our resident artist, Syllba, give his stylistic choice as to what it totally looked like though.

Kill Vods below and lets keep moving on in BoD!

Heroic Jaina, Aze's POV:

Mythic Jadefire, Aze's POV:

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