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Zernoxnun 11-08-2017 04:44 PM

Mythic Avatar has Fallen... and can't get up!
Happy Blizzconkillmas! Yea I dunno. It sounded better in my head. Anyway, congratulations everyone on getting the kill the day after about a third of us returned from Blizzcon. That week off went a long way in reinvigorating us. This fight was very, very, very technical. it had specific timings, overlaps, and dps requirements that made this fight a pain in the ass. What's worse is one death screws up the entire fight, so people pretty much had to be brezzed immediately. The slight nerf from 6 to 5 soakers also helped. Overall though we did very, very well. We secured the kill and earned us a WORLD 983 rank, US 315, and REALM 25. Perseverance really is the key. We got three weeks left. How bout we secure that KJ kill!

Fearghus 11-10-2017 07:22 AM

So that's how I look like when I'm playing pac man from someone else's perspective

Zernoxnun 11-10-2017 07:46 AM

Yea, I must look weird AF too.

Gemchihiro 11-11-2017 02:55 PM

This pov .. all i see is zerno and fearghuss.

Fearghus 11-12-2017 07:20 AM

all I could ever ask for

Zernoxnun 11-12-2017 09:49 AM

Well, ever since that Valk guy left someone has to do the recording!

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