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Default Battle For Azeroth Feedback

Hey all,

So I'll hopefully have a better list of exactly what I'm looking for soon, but looking for feedback from anyone/everyone about BFA. Please try not to just say things like "SHAMAN SUCK!", and leave it to constructive feedback, preferably with thoughts on how to fix the things you don't like (though I'll still take general displeasure in doses).

Long story short, I may have an opportunity soon to give very direct feedback, so looking to give as much as I can.

I'd love to hear about everything, including, but not limited to:

World Quests/Reputation:
Azerite Necklace:
Azerite Gear:
Literally anything else BFA/game related:
Hell, how do you feel about the current level of feedback/response from Blizzard?
Haven't watched it yet, but feel free to refer to asmongold's video from today, I'm told it was pretty inclusive.

I'm looking from input across the board, from mythic raiders to casual/social members. I don't care if you play 1 hour, or 40 hours a week, this is a chance to speak out!

Thanks in advance for your replies, and I look forward to curating and hopefully successfully delivering your responses.
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Here we go.

Azerite Necklace needs something more interactive than +2 item level per azerite level. It feels pretty bad when i level my neck and get nothing new to show for it.

Azerite gear is my biggest problem right now. I hate that I cant take traits for holy and disc separately. I get that this might be intended, but it doesn't feel good. It is frustrating that if i want to go shadow for something, i have to go and spend gold to get rid of the healing traits that have no benefit for a shadow priest. Instead of just feeling alt unfriendly like the legion artifact, it feels spec unfriendly right now. I want to be able to play three specs at least somewhat competitively, and this system feels like it impedes that more than legion artifacts. Speaking of artifacts, the azerite system feels unsatisfying compared to artifacts. The artifact grind from Legion sucked sometimes, but the bonuses on the weapon at least FELT very, very good. Now, we have lost so many things that made our classes feel much better from a quality of life perspective, and that is not a fun place to go. I get that we are supposed to lose power for the new expansion, but losing so many things that felt like core abilities to our classes is pretty unheard of. I know many of them turned into talents, but that means we lose a talent row to keep something that we already had baseline. I feel like the artifact system from Legion was well thought out in a lot of ways, and it could have benefited from some improvements into BFA, but right now, the azerite system feels like a downgrade. The bonuses are too passive, too unbalanced, and too ineffective to feel like a worthy replacement to our incredible weapons from Legion. The drop rate on azerite pieces and the lack of a consistent way to get high level pieces is also frustrating. According to devs, I am supposed to have different gear sets per spec, but how can I do hat if I can't get azerite pieces to drop anywhere? I can't get it from my mythic plus runs, and the emissary change is only a piece of a solution to that problem. It feels bad to have to use three passive int buff traits because I need to be able to swap between holy and disc for our raids. Instead of the choices that we were supposed to have been given, I am pigeon-holed into one choice until I get more pieces to drop. Not to mention that other people need azerite pieces from raid, and it is more beneficial to give those away than to keep them for my offspecs. I know that's not really a valid complaint, but I don't like that the system forces me to want to horde 3 pieces of each azerite slot from raid. I want to be encouraged to help my guildies not punished for it.

End rant for now. Let me know if you want me to go into more specifics about anything in my toilet rant.
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This is the best leveling experience I've had in an expansion. Everything from zone progression, to how the zones are laid out, to loot given through them is spot on. Horde and Alliance zones are flavorful and different and it feels like the best job of having a cohesive story for both factions. The only "missed" point so far feels like the initial raid here feels like an after thought and not the main reason for being here. Horde has a reason to go into Uldir, since part of their story is litterally a whole zone about Ghuun and what not. Alliance gets 2 war campaign quests and then a Brann going, "the horde are in here so we should check it out too." Feels really shafted in that response. My feedback would be only for this point, and to please make things feel more even rather than horde-centric.

World Quests/Reputation:
World Quests are vary'd and different, some of the grind feels bad but it only takes about a month. The fact that Paragon wasn't part of the game from launch means that I only do my WQ's for the emissary if i want them, rather than because I enjoy them. My feedback here would be: MAKE PARAGON A BASELINE PART OF THE GAME FOR EVERY FACTION.

Azerite Necklace AND Azerite Gear:

Oh boy here we go. I hate it. Its a terrible idea, and we might as well just have more baseline stats and the slot it self be turned off. It has no active thing other than 1 time a week saying YOUR NUMBER HAS INCREASE BY 1, YOU MIGHT CAN GET THESE NEW AZERITE TRAITS NOW. The agency behind this 'grind' to compete with people and friends is dumb because of how little the increase each week matters. My initial thought was that some of these traits would end up being activated things because we have the necklace, which would have been nice since many classes lost whole abilities and cooldowns. This was not the case and when I found out about it, i became very bored with the whole idea.

Things to improve with the system, Stop. Making. All. Traits. Procs. This HAS to be done, or the neck and the Azerite pieces will NEVER feel good. Things like Archive of the Titans being a start a fight and forget it kind of thing are bad. Lazer Matrix being a passive proc per minute instead of an extra button on my bar that I can hit on demand because its on MY gear is a completely missed opportunity and would have made all of these pieces much more interesting and conversely much more powerful. Tone down the RNG with Azerite Gear, the idea that people are running the same key over and over to get Azerite piece is fine. Let this happen, the only thing it means you have to do is make the Raid Gear MORE VALUABLE than the M+ gear.

Dungeons: Dungeon Design is great, the gear from it is often better at high M+ levels than the Raids. Is this intended? If so, why? For the 4th raid tier in a row, my Best Trinkets don't come from the raid. This shouldn't EVER be the case.

Raids: This raid is fun mechanically and has great mechanics, the story for it sucks big time. The lay out feels like a copy paste from older instances with the ring of bosses and I'm bored of it. Overall, this is the best first raid in an expansion since cata.

Literally anything else BFA/game related:

I hate the coin system. If i could trade my entire being to not be at it's whim and have Justice Points back I would do so willingly. Please do something about it.

Hell, how do you feel about the current level of feedback/response from Blizzard?

Do more than a "monthly" QnA. Have active posts like, "Here's what were working on" or similar to how Bungie does a "This Week at Bungie". Any sort of 'State of the Game' or 'Game Roadmap' is needed in this day and age, and not having a written one that gets stuck to by dev is hilariously misguided in what the community wants. We WANT information. Not to be in the dark and know nothing.
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I've been studying for GRE so I'm not in a mood to make a well formatted list of things I think are problems/ are disappointing. But here is the quick and easy with base explanations.
1) Legion had class quest-lines and hidden artifact quests at launch. Not all equal in scope or quality but the war campaign does not feel like equivalent content.
2) GCD changes still feel bad the biggest offender still being dps cds.
3) They removed class based tier transmog saying they would work on making more cosmetic sets? Where are the sets? Dwarfs and Blood elfs get racial sets next patch??? and war front and pvp sets are recolors and still based on armor type. The cosmetics of BFA are so underwhelming atm and I don't feel that the effort that they saved from not making class tier sets is being put back into making more cosmetics.
4) I feel that a lot of the M+ affixes are not well suited for BFA 5mans/ are we going to get a balancing patch? As I feel that some 9 keys are way harder than say a 13 freehold.
5) Alliance to Horde raiding is still laughable is there a fix? Idk and perhaps this not even an issue. Perhaps this is just the way things are now.
6) Leveling from 20 is terrible. And race changes should be discounted at some point. Making allied races not a cosmetic change feels greedy when you charge for race changes.
7) Warfronts are lame don't see a fix in sight.
8) Islands are lame but some of the changes seem like they will at least be ok as a weekly cap thing in the future so good on them.
9) Make a consumable to replace the DH and Monk debuffs.
That's just off the top of my head.
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I'll probably come back to this post or make a second one later with other things, but I wanna put this one front and center because I'm not really sure if it's voiced much.

I have no hate for the Azerite system. I have a few disappointments, but I fully believe they are correctable (and the 8.1 stuff seems to point in this direction).

Putting aside the historical transition from Legion to BFA, I would argue that classes are more complete in terms of toolkit now. The reason I say that is that I don't see many people saying their spec needs Azerite traits to function. Classes need a core kit, and I've hated our spell bloat since mid-Cataclysm. I get why they did it this way. I enjoy the core being solid, if a little boring.

The problem is that for BFA, Azerite needs to be a tasty upper layer on top of that core. I don't think it needs active abilities, or a new talent row, or anything like that. It just needs to feel like it's having an impact. And right now, that impact is minimal, for what I believe is a singularly difficult to overcome reason: trait stacking.

When I first heard about the Azerite system during the previous Blizzcon, I was excited to mix and match a bunch of things together to have some small amount of changing customization. Yes I know we pick the highest simming stuff anyways but at least it wouldn't be stale over the course of the expansion. Instead, what we have now is a situation where outside of Reorigination Array, you almost always want to get your "best" trait, and stack it up. The stacks aren't even that compelling, since the primary effect usually doesn't stack. But since most primary effects are so underwhelming, there's no reason to pick them over the +x stat proc or +x damage that's already on your "best" trait.

A second ring of spec traits means that now I'm at least going to get two things going on at once. But it all feels bland. It is my personal opinion after playing with the system that Azerite traits need one of two things to happen to them. The first option is to implement more diminishing returns on stacking copies of a trait. This would feel bad, but would leave traits as they are now, keeping them from being too swingy. The other option is to significantly increase the primary bonuses of traits, so that you want to have several of them picked at the same time. I wholeheartedly believe the entire system would feel more like an expansion system if we were seeing 3-6 different effects being generated from our gear, instead of 1-2 effects happening with 3x strength.

The neck feels kinda boring to upgrade, but I get the limits there on what they can do. I think once-per-week chances are also fine for this stuff, I would not want to farm for it (I do wish bonus rolls at the end of M+ could roll azerite gear, though, since that's limited and not endlessly farmable). I'm very old school about being spec-locked, so I don't even care about that so much. Generic traits aren't that far behind atm, so you're not truly locked out unless you choose to focus.

Idk, I get the sense this isn't a common sentiment, but I honestly don't think it's bad (I'll be waiting on the playground after school if anyone wants to fight me about it). I just wish I got to play around with it more. That's my TL;DR, if you need it. Stop letting 1 trait be the only one I can play with. Let mix and match be the strongest.
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