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Default [Pending Trial] Application For Lexou

Have you read and agree with our "Guild Charter"? Yes

Have you created a Forum account? If not please do so here, Yes

Please link your Armory. Please only link the main character you're applying with::

What is your battle tag?: Lexou#11898

Please provide a link to any (current) raid logs, using WarcraftLogs (LFR logs are acceptable and better than linking nothing)::;difficulty=4 (My heroic runs with you.) (Uu'nat with you.);difficulty=4 (My mage on Mal'Ganis' logs; to show competence outside of raids with BRH.)

What is your main/offspec? How comfortable are you playing each spec?: Elemental. Would be willing to go Enh if it was better. Restoration is unlikely, I have little experience and am not comfortable raid healing.

Please include a screenshot of your UI, preferably one taken in a raid environment (please use a direct link):: ('Friendly' frames are because of MC. Bugged appearance.)

What is your past BfA or Legion Mythic raiding experience?: I did not raid Mythic in BfA nor Legion. I have been out of the game for awhile, and am looking to return to it.

Are you currently in a raiding Guild? If so why are you looking to leave?: I am not in a raiding guild. I left my previous one(s) mostly due to incompatibility with the players' personalities, and the raiding environment. Essentially: Too loud or immature, wasn't fun to be around. I enjoy the atmosphere of this one.

Can you commit to these times and stay longer if necessary (ex. a .4% wipe):: Yes, I can.

Are there any scheduling conflicts you may have now or in the near future that may prevent 100% raid attendance?: Nothing in the foreseeable future.

BRH is focused for Mythic progression, and this will mean that unfortunately on some raid nights you will be asked to sit (via a roster post on our forums). Is this a concept you agree with/understand?: I do understand, and agree. I particularly understand this may sometimes occur due to my lack of mic.

How did you hear about us?: I am friends with Azevara and have watched her prog with you many times.

We have an 18+ atmosphere in the guild. Is this something that may bother you? (i.e. Language, tastefully and not-so-tastefully done jokes, pictures of creepy barn owls eating rats...):: It does not bother me, no.

Why do you want to join BRH and what do you feel you can contribute to the team? What makes you stand out from the crowd?: I enjoy the atmosphere of the guild, more than anything else. Most guilds I've raided in are wracked by immature personalities and inexperience, and I do not get that vibe here. The leadership feels good and knowledgeable and I feel as if I can raid here without annoyances.

Contribution is as simple. I am very well researched about any class I play, even off-specs, I practice relentlessly to a fault and I understand how successful raiding guilds operate, and am a valuable raider to play with.

Please, feel free to add any additional information/questions/comments here that you deem necessary that may be important to your application. This is optional, but encouraged::
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We've talked already about this. A more detailed chat is planned for when Cixah gets back. Planning to start you on the next 2wk lockout.
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"Trial" begins 5/1.
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