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Default [Declined] Application For steakshady

Have you read and agree with our "Guild Charter"? Yes

Have you created a Forum account? If not please do so here, Yes

Please link your Armory. Please only link the main character you're applying with::

What is your battle tag?: steakbiscuit#1666

Please provide a link to any (current) raid logs, using WarcraftLogs (LFR logs are acceptable and better than linking nothing)::

What is your main/offspec? How comfortable are you playing each spec?: I can learn resto if needed

Please include a screenshot of your UI, preferably one taken in a raid environment (please use a direct link)::

What is your past BfA or Legion Mythic raiding experience?: 3/9 M BoD

Are you currently in a raiding Guild? If so why are you looking to leave?: I am in one atm, looking to leave due to poor attendance

Can you commit to these times and stay longer if necessary (ex. a .4% wipe):: yes

Are there any scheduling conflicts you may have now or in the near future that may prevent 100% raid attendance?: not near future, but soon

BRH is focused for Mythic progression, and this will mean that unfortunately on some raid nights you will be asked to sit (via a roster post on our forums). Is this a concept you agree with/understand?: yes

How did you hear about us?: was looking on Wow forums and saw a post

We have an 18+ atmosphere in the guild. Is this something that may bother you? (i.e. Language, tastefully and not-so-tastefully done jokes, pictures of creepy barn owls eating rats...):: no

Why do you want to join BRH and what do you feel you can contribute to the team? What makes you stand out from the crowd?: I think I could put out exceptional dps and I could also be friendly with others

Please, feel free to add any additional information/questions/comments here that you deem necessary that may be important to your application. This is optional, but encouraged::
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We appreciate your interest in our guild. However we don't think it would be a good fit for you at this time.

Good luck in your search.
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