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Default Mythic Double-Kill! Portal Keeper Hasabel and Defense of Eonar are Cleared!

Huzzah! It was a good night Raid Team, or should I call us, A-TEAM. I call Hannibal. Thurne can be Baracus. Ghost is Murdock. Barinten is Peck. I think that is a fantastic A-TEAM. Anyways, I digress. We killed two new bosses tonight! Portal Keeper died in about 40 minutes, and we defended Eonar with 3 minutes left in raid! Imps gave us a bit of trouble, but we fixed that with some boss movement. Eonar was easy up until the very end, but once we figured out what to kill and when to hero it died. Well done to everyone on killing two bosses in one night!

Time to focus up though. We got some more catching up to do on progression. As raiders, we should research encounters on our own. Asking questions is also important! If you have an issue it is best to bring it up to the raid so that we can talk about it before it becomes a problem.

Also, it is important to own up to mistakes and correct them. Part of what works with our guild is that we are laid back because we trust our raiders to fix their mistakes. So, going forward it is most important to correct mistakes and not repeat them!

Once again congrats to everyone and I look forward to the rest of the tier!

Portal Keeper


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